Do you know how many wonderful things you can do at Borgo dei Gatti?
You can book a horseback ride in the woods of the Versa Valley.
Or you could take a guided ebike ride on the Oltrepo’ wine roads.
A personalized yoga session, a creative workshop, a picnic in the flower fields…
Even for your corporate events or teambuilding you can have dedicated experiences customized for your reality.



One thing we really love to do is to plan your weddings and ceremonies. We are thrilled that a little bit of us and this enchanted little village remains forever in your fondest memories. Getting married at the Borgo is an incredible experience, the whole village becomes the backdrop and protagonist of your dreams.
The Borgo dei Gatti is Municipal House, this means that you will be able to have your civil ceremony in the most picturesque places of our location. You can say your “Yes” in a hidden and precious meadow, under an ancient gazebo among the stone houses of the village or maybe by the pool during sunset. We will think of every detail, from the flowers to the menu, you just have to be happy.



Treasure hunt


Stimulating curiosity and participation, they go on a discovery tour of the village of GOLFERENZO. Once divided into teams and equipped with a map and a list of ingredients to retrieve, participants will enjoy a typical local lunch cooked by themselves once they return to their destination. A fun yet tastily cultural experience.

Team cooking


The crew of the Court of the Wolf in Golferenzo led by Chef Redouan Gargoubi will accompany the teams in the preparation of delicious dishes. Participants will be able to reflect on teamwork through the typical rhythms and difficulties of a kitchen brigade, not forgetting surprise tests and lots of fun.



Photo geocaching takes place outdoors and consists of searching, with the help of a GPS, for specific points reproduced on as many photos. The coordinates received by the staff will make it possible to return to the base victorious. Geocaching can be done on foot and by bicycle.



In this activity, teams of participants must reach the finish line in the shortest possible time, passing through a series of checkpoints defined on the map, provided by Personnel Organization’s technical partner, belonging to F.I.S.O. Teamwork and problem solving are essential, in a format that combines focus, fun and nature.



A tour among the vineyards in and around the hills of Golferenzo dedicated to a guided immersion in the nature and flavors offered by the hills of Oltrepò Pavese. Stops at renowned wineries in the area will be as many moments of exploration of the territory. Bike rental. Associable treasure hunt or orienteering.

Creative natural


A creative activity that also requires the search for natural elements to be included on the canvases. Imagination, technique and nature for the realization of a common project. Brushes, sponges, rollers, spray paints and…one’s body as tools. The activity encourages the development of creativity, aggregation, a sense of belonging, and team work.

Handwriting to


The company provides a context of experience for the fulfillment of the people who work there. The training proposal promotes a personal and group growth experience through calligraphy, the ancient art of handwriting by tracing beautiful characters.



An activity suitable for fostering acquaintance among different people, you will cross a path suitable for everyone in total safety.



Suitable for groups of people who know each other well and already work together. The class includes an introductory part on Nordic walking and a trek to practice proper technique. The use of the dedicated sticks helps to perceive and improve one’s posture by providing elements to improve one’s well-being on a daily basis.



Specific for selected groups of athletes, where sharing a high-impact activity in nature creates very strong and positive feelings in group members. During trail running of varying distance and difficulty, we address specific uphill and downhill techniques, and energy management according to the route.



Workshop led by Matthew that allows collaborators to get in touch, not with words, but with the emotions the body is able to elicit through games and improvisation exercises. Through this engaging methodology, the team will work on representations of emotions, listening and nonverbal communication.



Circus-Juggling workshop led by Matteo Galbusera metaphor for teamwork. A fun-filled day in contact with the world of circus and circus disciplines to develop psychomotor coordination, encourage relaxation, and develop concentration skills.

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